Sunday, 25 March 2012

Introducing Me

My name is Jason Cebalo. I’m Catholic. I was born in Canberra, Australia and currently living in Sydney where I study Philosophy at the University of Sydney.

I’ve decided to take up blogging, mainly at the advice of my spiritual director who thought I needed a hobby and suggested blogging might work for me.

So, some basic questions you might want to ask about me and my blog:

Q: Why the “Masked Thomist”?
A: Well, ‘Thomist’ because I’m a philosophical and theological follower of the one and only St. Thomas Aquinas. The ‘Masked’ bit is a little esoteric. A few years ago a good friend of mine had a party to which everyone was supposed to come dressed as someone from a movie. I suck at costuming and was in despair as to what to come as until, the day of the party, I happened to spy a plastic mask designed to look like ‘Jason’ from the Friday the 13th movies. I decided that “Jason going as Jason” wasn’t a bad idea, bought the mask and so the Masked Thomist was born.
Q: Were you always Catholic?
A: No, actually I was an atheist for the first fifteen years of my life. Actually, I was quite a few things on my journey to Catholicism; I may blog on the subject at some point.
Q: So, what do you plan to blog about?
A: Whatever I feel like on a given day. Depending on my mood and on what is happening in the world I may blog about religion, philosophy or politics. Or I may blog on more personal topics like my favorite T.V. shows or my current spiritual struggles or simple what’s going on in my life.
Q: Anything else we should know about you?
A: Important facts about me that are likely to be relevant to the things I blog about include: I’m a member of the Dominican Laity; I’m active in the New South Wales Branch of the Democratic Labor Party; I suffer from a long term mental illness; I’m a graduate of Campion College; I’m a big fan of anything by Joss Whedon; I have very broad tastes in music ranging from sacred music, to Wagnerian Opera, to Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones to The Cure; I regularly worship in the extra-ordinary form of the mass at the Chapel of the Maternal Heart of Mary, Lewisham.
Q: You are a Lay Dominican?
A:  Yes, I was received last September and will hopefully be making first promises this September coming. My religious name is Br. Thomas Bartolo. I assume you can guess who Thomas is after, Bartolo is after Bld. Bartolo Longo.

Well, that’s my brief introduction to me. I hope you will enjoy my blog.

Until next time.

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