Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Mr. Repzion's New Direction

I was both interested and rather touched by this video posted by atheist "vlogger" (a term I dislike) Daniel "MrRepzion" Sulzbach, MrRepzion is, obviously, some I have my fair share of disagreements with, but also someone with whom I have a few things in common: we seem to share a few of the "nerdier" fan activities.  More importantly, he's talked a lot about his history with mental illness and a lot of what he has to say on the subject of his struggles has struck a real cord with me.

MrRepzion begins this latest video with the words "I really hate being a perfectionist." I definatly relate. I think a large part of my mental health problems are related to perfectionism. There are various things both in the past and now which I could have done or could be doing but which, when I attempt to do them, I find myself paralysed by the fear that I won't do them perfectly.

After this opening admission, MrRepzion goes on to describe the way in which he feels he has been discussing religion in the wrong way. He says that he feels that his previous videos attack religion have come across as far too hostile. I have to say that I'm not certain I agree. I've seen a number of his videos and haven't found him overly aggressive. I've certainly seen worse. He goes on, however, to say that, while he still intends to make videos about religion he doesn't want to continue with such a polemical tone. His aim, he says, will be to take a more nuanced approach, exploring, for example, the reasons why people become religious.

I have to say, this former atheist convert to Catholicism is very keen to hear of MrRepzion's change of emphasis. I don't know what exactly his plans are but I'd be very excited to interact with him on this subject and I hope other Christians will likewise by interacting with his material in a positive way.

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