Monday, 16 June 2014

The Whiskey Sour (a la Jason)

I recently wrote this post  in which I discussed the six "basic cocktails" laid out in David Embury's classic work "the fine art of mixing drinks." In said post, I mentioned that the sidecar is my favourite among Embury's six "basics" and my all time second favourite before dinner drink.

My favourite before dinner drink is the Whiskey Sour. As with most cocktails, variations exist in how this is made. The most commonly cited recipe calls for a mix of Whiskey (preferably American), lemon (occasionally lime) juice and a sweetening agent of some kind. As previously noted, I'm more of a fan of sour in my before dinner drinks than most, so I dispense with the sweetener.

So, Jason's preferred recipe for the Whiskey Sour:

Let N represent the number of people having drinks mixed for them:

45mls x N of Whiskey, preferably Bourbon. Jim Beam is best.
30mls x N Lemon Juice, freshly squeezed if possible.
The white of (1/2) x N eggs.

Stir the egg whites until slightly fluffy then mix ingredients together and shake vigorously over ice.

Serve neat, preferably in chilled glasses with an orange slice and maraschino cherry for garnish.

In my experience, the drink is best enjoyed fifteen minutes or so before ones main meal.

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