Monday, 10 November 2014

A Good Summer Meal

Last night, I cooked chicken for my family.

The specific dish I cooked is called a Thai Pepper Chicken, although the name may not be entirely accurate; I'm not sure how authentically Thai it is and while the recipe does include pepper, the dish is not particularly peppery.

Anyway, the dish makes an excellent meal, particularly for spring/summer.

My recipe is as follows:


8 Chicken thighs
150 mls olive oil
100 mls soy sauce
6 cloves of garlic
a handful of coriander leaves (basil is an acceptable substitute)
1 teaspoon of black peppercorns


Chop the garlic and coriander leaves reasonably finely. Put all the ingredients other than the chicken pieces into a bowl and stir until it all seems to sit together. Then add the chicken and allow it to sit. It can sit for as little as 20 minutes but I think 40 minutes is better, giving the marinade longer to sink in. I cooked the chicken on a BBQ, which I think gets the best results but, if a BBQ is unavailable, the pieces can be cooked in a fry pan or oven.

To accompany the chicken, last night I did some large mushrooms which I marinated in a mix of olive oil and soy and the sprinkled with granulated garlic and rosemary and then did on the BBQ along with the chicken.

To this, add a salad. I think the ideal salad to go with this chicken dish a Waldorf Salad. Fans of classic British Comedy will remember the Waldorf salad from Basil Fawlty's famous apology that the hotel was out of Waldorfs.

The Waldorf salad consists of walnuts, apple, celery and grapes in a mayonnaise sauce. Exact ratios vary. My recommendation: one apple for every two people who will be eating the salad (rounded up), enough grapes to roughly equal the volume of the apple and walnuts and celery to each make about half the volume of the apples.

I make the sauce from 500mls of mayo and the juice of a single lemon, stirred together until they are integrated.

Chop the apples and celery up into small pieces and simply mix everything together.



  1. Serve with freshly unscrewed orange juice.

    1. Lyle, I'd rather serve it with a glass of red, but suit yourself.